An Internet Primer

Below is a short list of services that are available at this site. If you have a question about these services or need some more understanding, feel free to send email to

Email is short for electronic mail. There are many was to use email. You can send, receive email in simple text, binaries, images, and a thousand other ways. There are many good software email programs available to use. On UNIX machines, we offer pine.
World Wide Web
The World Wide Web is the fastest growing electronic medium today. It has millions of different places to see and things to do. Depending on your connection you can either get a graphical view or a text based one. Using a shell program called lynx, you can get a text based page. If you have Slip/PPP connection using a popular client such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Netscape you can view the WWW at its graphical best.
The Internet Relay Chat is a way for people to chat to each other in realtime. There are thousands of irc chat servers on the Internet. Most of them free. If you have a slip/ppp connection you can use the popular client Mirc to chat on the irc. For telnet customers or if you prefer to chat via a telnet session you can type "irc" at the prompt while in a telnet session to Hardlink.
File Transfer Protocol, which allows you to transfer files through the Internet. You can download the latest shareware and games on some of the popular shareware sites. For a windows user there are a variety of FTP programs including CuteFTP, WS_FTP, and WinFTP. For the mac user the most popular one is Fetch. You may also FTP to a site using a telnet connection but its not as easy to navigate.
A connection which allows you to connect to any computer that's on the Internet in a command line mode. There is a popular telnet program for windows called Neterm, and for the Mac you can download from the net NCSA Telnet. You may also use a text based telnet by typing telnet at the UNIX prompt.
There are over 30 thousands USENET Newsgroups to read from. Each one is on a different topic. People on a newsgroups exchange posts on a topic that everyone can then read when they subscribe to that newsgroups.
The finger allows you to find out information on someone in the internet.You can finger and it will give you information on that person and information they want to share, if their provider allows a finger connection.

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