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Saving Mail and Creating New Folders

You will want to save some of your messages from time to time. You might want to store a message for future reference, you might want to save messages from your friends and those from your teachers in separate areas, or someone might send you a message that includes a form you need to fill out and return.

You can save a message to a folder, in which case the current copy of it is marked for deletion. Or you can export a message to a file, in which case the current copy remains. The fundamental difference between the two types of saving is that once you save a message to a file, Pine will no longer have direct access to it: it will be an ordinary, editable file. When saved to a folder, messages are stored together in a format that Pine can read and handle like the messages in the inbox.

To save a message to a file, type E, for Export to a file ( one of the "Other" commands ). Pine will prompt you:

Export: (copy message) to file in home directory:
Type a file name and press the Return key. To acknowledge your request, Pine responds:
[Message __ exported to file "_____"]
To save a message to a folder, highlight it and press S. When you save a message this way, Pine prompts you for a folder name:

Save to folder [saved-messages] :					

^G Help

^C Cancel
^T To Fldrs

Press Return to accept the default folder named "saved-messages", or type your own title for a folder, up to 14 characters long. After pressing Return, you will see the message:

[Message __ copied to folder "_________" and marked deleted]
If you use a new folder name, perhaps by mistyping the name for one of your folders, Pine will ask you to confirm that you want to create a new folder before saving the message there.

Pine mail folders on UNIX systems are stored in a subdirectory named mail. Pine mail folders on VMS systems are stored in a special file named MAIL.MAI.

If you don't want Pine to delete your message, type u to undelete it, and Pine will display:

[Deletion mark removed, message won't be deleted]

HINT: If you don't remember the name of a folder you have already created, type S to get the prompt for a folder name, and then ^T to display a list of your folders. Use the arrow keys to highlight the folder you want and press Return. Pine will fill in that folder's name on the prompt line, and you can press Return again to save the message.

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18 August 1997
ACITS at UT Austin
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