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Reading Mail

When you select I from the main menu, you will see a display like this:

PINE 3.95		FOLDER INDEX	Folder:INBOX	Message 2 of 5 


Apr 26
From: Spaceman Spiff
Nothing much

Jun 18
From: Snow White
Apple Stuff

Jun 20
To: Bruce Wayne
hello there
Jun 21
From: Barbie Doll
Long time no talk

Jun 22
From: Mike Brady

? Help
M Main Menu
P PrevMsg
- PrevPage
D Delete
R Reply

V ViewMsg
N NextMsg
Spc NextPage
U Undelete
F Forward

From this index, you can write, read, and organize your mail messages. An N before a message indicates a new message that you have not read. D appears before a message that you have deleted. An A indicates an answered message, and a + character means that the message was sent to you as the addressee, not as a member of a mailing-list group or as a carbon-copy (CC) addressee. If nothing precedes the message number, you have read the message but have done nothing with it.

Choose a message to read in the Folder Index by using arrow keys to highlight the one you want. Then press Return to display the message. If your keyboard has no arrow keys, use these commands:

^N Next Line
^P Previous Line
The caret character (^) means hold down the control (CTRL) key while pressing the other character.

HINT: There are about 25 commands you can use at the Folder Index screen. To see them, use the O command to skip through the 3 sets of commands displayed at the bottom of the screen.

But you need not choose O to actually use the "other" commands--if you remember the choices below. You can choose these commands at any time in the Mail Index:

Q Quit

L ListFldrs
Y Print
S Save

C Compose
G GotoFldr
W Where Is
T TakeAddr
E Export
X eXpunge
J Jump
$ SortIndex
Tab NextNew

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