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Using both Pine and Eudora

(NOTE: These instructions are for UMBS users who wish to use Pine as a secondary mailreader. For instructions on how to read UMBS mail with Pine as a primary mailreader, see "Using Pine with UMBS".)

It is possible to use more than one mailreader to manage your mail on ACITS systems or the University Mailbox Service, even if you have chosen Eudora as your primary mailreader. This is especially useful if you want to read mail on more than one computer without carrying a floppy from machine to machine -- for instance, in the SMF and also in your dorm room, or at work and at home. Using Pine this way can help you avoid both leaving unwanted mail on the UMBS server and downloading duplicated messages when you reach your primary computer.

To read your UMBS mail using Pine:

  • Log onto the ACITS UNIX or OpenVMS system as usual and start Pine.
  • At the main menu, type 'G' for "Go to Folder.' When prompted for a folder, type {} (the curly braces indicate a server rather than a local folder).
  • You will be prompted for your UMBS user name and password. If your UMBS and ACITS system usernames are the same, you will only be prompted for the password.
  • You will then see a list of all your UMBS mail messages, which you can read, respond to, and delete as you normally would in Pine. Please be aware that anything you delete and expunge here will not be downloaded by Eudora later.
To have your return address appear as "" while you answer mail from an ACITS system, you will need to configure this in the Pine settings before replying to any mail. To do so, type "S" for "Setup" in the main menu, then choose "C" for "Config" when prompted for a setup task. Select "user-domain" (use the arrow keys, or the "Where Is" function", to move up and down in the .config menu) and choose "C" for "Change Value"; type "" and press return to accept the change.

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18 August 1997
ACITS at UT Austin
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