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Forwarding a Message in Pine

If you receive a message that you want to share with someone else, you can use the Forward command. While reading the message or while in the Index, press the letter F (Forward), as shown in the menu:

? Help

M Main Menu
P Prev Msg
- Prev Page
F Forward
D Delete
V View Mail
N Next Msg
SPACE Next Page
R Reply
S Save

Pine creates a new message containing the message you are reading but with the To: section empty for you to type in the new address. The subject will have the word (fwd) after it so that the receiver knows that this message has been forwarded.

The body of the new message will contain the original message, with space for you to enter an introductory note. You can also add comments intermingled with the forwarded message. To do that, move to where you want to add text and use the same commands you use to edit a message.

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18 August 1997
ACITS at UT Austin
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