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Composing and Sending a Message in Pine

To write a message, type C (for Compose) from the Main Menu, Folder Index, Folder List, or Address Book. You will see:

PINE 3.95	COMPOSE MESSAGE	Folder:INBOX		3 Messages 


----- Message Text -----

On the To: line, type the address or the Address-Book nickname of the person you want to receive your message, and then press Return.

NOTE: If you typed C from the Address Book menu, the To: line will be filled in with the address that was highlighted on that menu.

On the Cc: line, type the address of anyone who should receive a carbon copy of this message. In the Attachment: line you can type the complete file name of the file you want to send along with this message. Finally, in the Subject: line, type the subject and then press Return. This will put you in the Message text area where you can begin entering your message.

To leave address items blank, just press Return to go to the next item, or use cursor-controls (arrow keys) to move up and down.

HINT: If you want to have a signature automatically placed at the bottom of all your messages, you can create and edit a signature file using an editor. When you have created the file, tell Pine where that file is located. Use an editor to edit the .pinerc file that Pine automatically creates for you. Type in the name of the file you created, at the end the line that reads:

On UNIX systems, a file named .signature in your home directory will be used by Pine even if you have not defined it in the .pinerc file. If you have defined a signature file in your .pinerc file, whatever you have chosen will override the signature-file= file.

Editing your Message

You can maneuver through a message with your arrow keys (or the control-keys ^N and ^P). Other commands are displayed at the bottom of the screen:

^V Next Pg
^U UnCut Text
^T To Spell

Besides these, there are other text-editing commands. To see a complete list, type ^G when "Message Text" is highlighted.

Some of the less obvious editing commands are ^R (Read File) and ^W (Where is). Use ^R to insert a prepared file into a message text. Simply press ^R and then type the name of the file you want to insert. ^W lets you search for a word or a phrase within the text of your message.

When you finish editing your message, send it by typing ^X. Pine will ask you to confirm that you want to send it. After you do so, it returns to the main menu.

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^G Get Help

^C Cancel
^R Read File
^Y Prev Pg
^K Cut Text
^O Postpone ^X Send
^J Justify
^W Where is