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Changing your "personal-name" information

You can change the name that is included in the headers of your mail messages, either to style your name the way you prefer, or to reflect more accurately who is sending the e-mail (if the address is actually for an on-campus organization, for instance, rather than your personal account).

First, start Pine. Then:

  • Choose (S)etup-> (C)onfig -> (C)hange Value

  • for
    personal-name=Johnny Public

    insert the following:

    personal-name=John Q. Public


    personal-name=University Quadrille Society

  • Choose (E)xit Config-> answer (Y)es for Commit Changes?
Quit Pine and start over. When you run Pine again, the headers will include the name you have chosen in all subsequent messages.

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22 September 1997
ACITS at UT Austin
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