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Setting Up Address Books in Pine

Pine address books enable you to create nicknames for people with long or hard-to-remember addresses. You can also assign a nickname to a group of people or a mailing list. Nicknames save time in addressing letters and eliminate misspellings of complex e-mail addresses.

Here is an example of an Address Book menu:

PINE 3.95		ADDRESS BOOK	Folder:INBOX	Message 7 of 7


Spaceman Spiff

Charles Babbage

Design Group

Grendel Z. Fleichman

Nancy Ann Seance

Austin D. Houston

Rob R. Baron

[At end of list]

? Help
M Main Menu
P PrevField
- PrevPage
D Delete
S CreateList
E Edit
N NextField
Spc NextPage
A Add
Z AddtoList

The first time you choose A from the main menu to see your Address Book, the display will show the message:

No Address in Address Book
You can then select A to make an entry for a single name or use S to create a new mail distribution list. Pine will prompt you for the information needed and display it in the format shown above.

To edit items in the Address Book, move the cursor to highlight the name or list you want to change and use the E command. Pine will display the item near the bottom of the screen, where you can edit it.

HINT: Pine lets you capture someone's address from e-mail that you have received. While reading the message or when the message is highlighted in the Mail Index, press T to take the address from the header and place it into your Address Book. (T is one of the "Other" commands.) Pine will prompt you to give this address a nickname and full name. Then it will update your Address Book automatically.

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