The Internet Hardlink Company was founded in the fall of 1995 with the honest belief that everyone deserves the ability to get faster connections to the Internet without forfeiting reliability. Armed with this concept, the The Internet Hardlink Company has become a leading provider of Internet services. We did not become a leader without the help of our customers. Over the years they have generously shared their thoughts, enabling us to better serve their needs. We work closely with our customers so that their Internet experience will be an ideal one.

The Internet Hardlink Company is a full featured Internet Service Provider. We provide Web hosting services using SUN SPARC WorkStations running Solaris 2.5.1 with a full T1 dedicated line linking us to the Internet backbone. In keeping with the ever changing world of high tech, we are constantly upgrading our equipment in order to guarantee the cutting edge of services to our customers. The Internet Hardlink Company offers Virtual Web hosting, Co-Located servers, Dialup PPP accounts, shell accounts and has recently expanded its services to include MicroSoft NT, E-Commerce, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), dedicated lines using Frame Relay, FrontPage 98, CyberCash, IRC servers, MUD servers and other game servers.

The Internet Hardlink Company offers many consulting services. Our web designers can take your web site design from concept to implementation. Our network specialists have experience with different UNIX platforms such as: AIX, SGI, Solaris, SCO, UnixWare, HPUX, NEC, Sequent. We can configure a wide range of third party software products such as: Sendmail, news servers, web servers, RADIUS, NIS, and NIS+. We also configure hardware products such as routers, modems, DSU/CSUs, and terminal servers.

The Internet Hardlink Company is committed to customer satisfaction.

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